3 Easy Method How to Reset Check Engine Light?

Reset Check Engine Light

Usually, when any kind of issue is detected in your vehicle’s system or powertrain, then the check engine light of your vehicles gives the signal.

After checking and fix the issue, this check engine light is OFF. But many times, we ignore this engine light but be careful; this thing should not ignore at all times. By doing this, you will have to face any extreme damage later.

But many times after you fix all the engine issues, this engine light does not turn off, which is one of the most annoying things. So for this, you need to know how to reset check engine light.

How to Reset Check Engine Light

check engine light

After fixing all the problems, the check engine light didn’t go away most of the time. In this way, if you ignore this engine light issue and continue like this, you will not be able to understand it even if you issue an alert later.

So to solve this engine light issue, you need to follow some simple steps below. We are showing three simple methods, but you can easily use any one way as per your convenience. Let’s see.

Method # 1: Disconnect the Battery.

These techniques to solve check engine light by disconnecting battery is old and easy. It is also called the most effective way. If you want to know how to reset check the engine light without scanner use. Then this method is perfect for you. You can do this in 3 easy steps.

Step # 1: Disconnect The Battery Cable

First, you need to disconnect the positive, and negative cable of the car battery.

Step # 2: Draining Remaining Electricity

In the second step, you have to hold the horn of the car for 30 seconds. It will drain any electricity from the capacitors of your vehicle.

Step # 3: Reconnect The Battery

After successfully completing the above two steps, wait for 15 minutes And then reconnect the two negative, positive car battery cables. Then start the engine and check the engine light is on or off. I hope you have solved your problem.

Method # 2: Use a Scan Tool

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Reset check engine light with a scan tool is the easiest way. Here you have to follow three easy steps.

Step # 1: Connect The Scan Tool to The Car OBD-II Port

The complete form of OBD is On-Board Diagnostic Connector. OBD is usually under the steering of most cars, and you need to find it. Then the first thing you need to do is connect the Scan Tool with OBD.

Then turn on the ignition switch with other gadgets.

Step # 2: Press Red Button and View the Error Codes

After completing the above process, click the “Read” button on the scan tool to view the engine’s error code. Then try as much as possible to note down the code somewhere because you may need this code next time.

Step # 3: Remove the Error Code

Then you have to remove the error code of the engine. For this, you need to press the “Erase” button of the scan tool. Then the engine light will be reset.

Note: The systems of each scanner are different, and there may be some advanced options. However, the options of regular scan tools are the same. Also, some scanner tools have a “Clear” or “Yes” button instead of “Erase”.

Method # 3: Turn The Ignition ON and OFF

This process is completely different from our previous two processes. It doesn’t need to use gadgets like a scan tool, or you need to connect and disconnect the battery. It is a completely simple process.

First, put the key into the ignition, then ON and OFF 3 times in a row, but keep in mind to keep the gap at least 1 second each time. After successfully following the process, hopefully, your engine light will be reset.

Final Verdict

You can easily reset your engine light in any of the above three methods. In this way, you do not have to hire a mechanic with extra charge.

It can usually happen again due to the computing problem of your vehicles. If this problem occurs again and again, we will suggest calling the mechanic.

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