3 Easy Way, How to Find Color Codes (HEX, RGB, CMYK, HSB etc)

How to Find Color Codes

Many people are in a lot of trouble finding color codes, and many people want to know about how to find color codes easily on this topic. Especially when you go to find something of a specific color, you will need to know the exact color code.

Also, if you are a graphic designer, then you must need to know about the color code for the perfect design. Here we will look at a few ways. By doing this, you can easily find the exact color code.

How to Find Color Codes

We will show you how you can find different color codes in a few easy steps, so you can always find the color code using the way you like. Let’s see.

Method # 1 How to Find Color Code in Paint

How to Find Color Code in Paint

If you are a Windows operating system user, then this method is a perfect way for you. But if you are MAC operating system user, then don’t worry; the next method is perfect for you. For this method, you don’t have to install any color codes software; also, you don’t have other hassles because Paint Software is pre-installed in the Windows operating system.

Step # 1 Take a Screenshot and Paste It Into Paint

  • First, take a screenshot of the place where you want to pick the color code; for this, you can use the keyboard shortcut keys “ALT + PRTSCN,” and alternatively, you can use “Snipping Tools.”
  • Then you open “Ms. Paint,” it is pre-installed on your desktop, so there is no problem with making new installations.
  • Then press the Keyboard Shortcut “CTRL + V” while you are in Ms. Paint, or paste the screenshot by right click the mouse.
  • After pasting the Ms Paint artboard will look a lot like the screenshot below, then follow the next steps.
How to Find Color Code in Paint

Step # 2 Use The Color Picker to Identify The Color

Then select the color picker at the top of Ms. Paint shown in the screenshot below.

How to Find Color Code in Paint

Then from the image of the screenshot in the art board of Ms Paint, pick the color you want to code with the eyedropper. You can then see your picked color “Color 1” box at the top of Ms. Paint.

How to Find Color Code in Paint

Step # 3 See The Color Codes on Edit Color Option

How to Find Color Code in Paint

Then you click on “Edit Color,” then a new pop up will show on your screen; from there, you can easily see the RGB codes.

How to Find Color Code in Paint

Method # 2 How to Find Color Code in Illustrator

How to Find Color Code in Illustrator

If you are a graphics designer, you must already be familiar with adobe illustrator software, and this software is support on MAC and Windows, both operating systems. As a graphic designer, it is very important to know the color combination code when designing different branding.

If you want more details, color code in CMYK, HSB, RGB, Web Color mode, here illustrators will help you a lot, and if you have illustrator software on your desktop, then you can easily find with the help of it RGB, CMYK, HSB modes color. You can easily pick the code.

Here are some easy steps to follow.

Step # 1 Open the Adobe Illustrator and Click the Eyedropper

First, open the Adobe Illustrator software, then open the image from which you want to take the color code by dragging it in the illustrator’s artboard. Then click the “Eyedropper” from the tools panel on the left sidebar, and with the eyedropper, you can pick the color code of the part of the image you want to pick.

How to Find Color Code in Illustrator

Step # 2 Double Click The “Fill Color”

How to Find Color Code in Illustrator

Then you can see the picked color in the “Fill Color” box, which is arrived on the left at the bottom of the tool panel. After double-clicking on fill color, you can see HSB, RGB, CMYK, and HEX color code separately, and from here, you can easily pick your exact color codes.

How to Find Color Code in Illustrator

Method # 3 Best Color Code Pickers (Website, Extension, Software, Apps)

Best Color Code Pickers

In addition to the above easy way, you can pick the color in some more easy way. For this, you can use different websites, chrome extension, apps, or software. As a result, you do not have to repeatedly open the picture illustrators, ms paint, and pick the color. You can easily pick any color directly through the website, software, and extension.

Below we are mentioning some Websites, Extension, Software, and Apps. You can use whatever you like at your convenience. Let’s see.

Best Color Picker Software for Windows

  • ColorPic (Windows Software)

Download: The ColorPic Software

  • Instant Eyedropper (Windows Software)

Download: The Instant Eyedropper Software

Best Color Picker Software for MAC

  • ColorSnapper 2 (MAC Software)

Download: The ColorSnapper 2 Software

  • Just Color Picker (For Both Windows and MAC Software)

Download: The Just Color Picker  Software

Best Color Picker Apps

  • Pixolor App (Android App)

Download: The Pixolor App

  • iDropper (iOS App)

Download: The iDropper App

Best Color Picker Online

  • HTMLColorCodes (Website)


  • (Website)


Best Color Picker Chrome Extension

  • ColorPick Eyedropper (Chrome Extension)

Download: The ColorPick Eyedropper Extension

  • Eye Dropper (Chrome Extension)

Download: The Eye Dropper Extension

Best Color Picker Firefox Extension

  • ColorZilla (Firefox Extension)

Download: The ColorZilla Extension

  • Rainbow Color Tools (Firefox Extension)

Download: The Rainbow Color Tools Extension

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