How to Cut Down a Tree with Chainsaw: Complete Guide

The easiest way to cut trees is to cut trees using a chainsaw. By using a chainsaw, you can easily cut the tree perfect direction. But when you cut down a tree with a chainsaw, you need to be more careful in this process.

According to many professionals, when cutting a tree with a chainsaw, you must take care of many things. Because if you use a chainsaw in an unprofessional way, it is risky for you.

So before you fall a tree with a chainsaw, there are some important things you need to consider first. Let’s see.

Before You Start Cutting the Tree

How to Cut Down a Tree with a Chainsaw
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  • How big and where is the tree?
  • What kind of chainsaw are you using?
  • Do you have the necessary safety equipment?

How Big and Where is The Tree?

The first step in cutting down trees is to look at the tree’s size and then take the next steps accordingly. In most cases, the average size tree height is below 50 feet. Another aspect is whether the tree is thicker or thinner.

If the location of the tree you want to cut is in an open space, then you can have a lot of tension-free in the cutting field, but if the tree is in the nearly of your house, then you have to take care of many things, we will discuss all those issues on below.

What kind of chainsaw are you using?

At present many types of chainsaw brands are available in markets; also, many chainsaw brands are upgrading their chainsaws features day by day, including more powerful functions, and many types of features; that’s why great for many types of tasks.

However, with most chainsaws, you can easily cut small, medium trees, but you may need a powerful chainsaw model to cut large trees. Here is an example to clarify an 18-inch chainsaw can easily cut a 36-inch diameter tree. In other words, you can easily cut a double size tree the size of your chainsaw.

In most cases, the 24-inch chainsaw is seen to be used in any regular work field. But in professional work, chainsaws longer than 42 inches are used.

Do You Have the Necessary Safety Equipment?

There is a lot of risk in these jobs, so you must wear the necessary safety equipment for your own safety. In this case, you must try to wear the following products.

1. Best Chainsaw Helmet

2. Best Chainsaw Gloves

3. Best Chainsaw Chaps

4. Best Ear Protection for Chainsaws

Planning for Cutting the Tree

Planning for Cutting the Tree

In this article, we will discuss in detail what you will plan while cutting the tree. There are some essential parts that you must keep in mind while planning to cut down trees. Let’s see.


There are many states or towns where you must get permission before cutting down trees, even if this tree is your own property; in that case, find out about your state’s tree felling law. And follow the next steps with permission from the tree commissioner.

Make the Necessary Preparation and Select the Safety Fall Zone

The next task is to determine where you will fall the tree because on the one side tree is tall, and the other side is heavy. All you have to do here is follow the next steps very carefully; if the roof, road, barn, power lines, wall, fences, and many more debris things are around your tree’s side, then choose the opposite side.

Also, clean the bushes around the side you want to fall the tree. Also, try to cut the small slopes of the trees that are pruned. And fix your safe zone before cutting down trees.

How to Cut Down a Tree with Chainsaw

How to Cut Down a Tree with Chainsaw
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There are usually 3 simple steps cut the tree with a chainsaw perfectly, from here; you will be able to cut the tree in that step, which you think is the easiest.

Face Cuts

Face Cuts
Face Cuts

The first two steps are to make a notch and make this notch in the direction in which you want to cut the tree.

Made the notch 24 inches above the ground. The notch depth will be 20% to 25% of the diameter of the tree.

As we said earlier, you can see basically 3 type of notch face cut, and from here, choose the one you think is more suitable.

  • Open-Faced Notch
  • Conversational Notch
  • Humbolt Notch

Open-Faced Notch: The open-faced notch is usually cut at 90 degrees wide, but it is up to a minimum of 70 degrees.

Conversational Notch: In this system, the cut is made at a 45-degree angle, The cut at a 45-degree angle from the top, and the bottom is flat.

Humbolt Notch: This cut is the same to the same cut at a 45-degree angled notch as our previous Conversational Notch, but it is a reverse of the conversational notch. That is, its upper side is flat, and the lower side is cut at a 45-degree angle.

Back Cuts

Back Cuts
Back Cuts

The back cut is made opposite the face cut, and its width is 10% of the tree diameter. Back cut separates the tree, causing the tree to fall in the direction of the face cut.

When your face cut is done, then you have to cut back through the chainsaw, and when you make the back cut, be sure to stop cutting a few inches before the face cut notch.

Before the back cut, you have to take care of some more aspects, and you have to do the back notch according to the steps you will cut the front notch.

Open-Faced Notch: The back cut should be made equal to the top corner of the Open-Faced Notch.

Conversational Notch: Made this back cut 1 inch above the bottom cut corner.

Humbolt Notch: The back cut will be 1 inch above the top cut corner of the Humble Notch.

The tree will begin to fall as soon as the successful back cut is completed with the chainsaw. And you try to move away from around the tree immediately.

If the tree does not start to fall, try to push a little towards the direction, and change your position quickly.

If the Tree is Ancient and Tall

Many trees are very old, also very thick and tall, these ancient and larger trees are very dangerous to cut down for normal people.

And no matter what pose you try to cut, it can be very risky for the roof of your house in the near and everything else. So the most reasonable thing to do here is to take the help of professionals or tree removal companies because of your safety first.

Final Verdict

In this article, we have shared the complete guide about How to Cut Down a Tree with Chainsaw safely; also, we suggest you some safety equipment. And we hope it has helped you a lot. If you like the article, please share it.

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