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Glitter is a great way to add a bit of magic to a space. For example, an accent wall in a child’s bedroom or in a craft room creates an inspirational pop of brilliance.

There are many ways to create a DIY glitter accent wall. First, you can go the incredibly messy routes: Use a blow on dry glitter or apply a liquid spray to drywall. Yes, you can buy special glitter paint, with glitter made from crushed granite, but that’s not DIY. Using paint additives, you can make your own DIY glitter paint. It’ll still be messy, but you will have a more even paint-to-glitter ratio in the end.

What You Need to Know When Mixing and Applying Glitter Paint

Evenly disperse the glitter in the paint, so the consistency of glitter will be balanced across the wall once applied. Incorrect mixing leads to uneven distribution of glitter, transforming the wall into an eyesore. The amount of glitter needed comes down to personal preference.

This method will allow you to find the perfect ratio of glitter and paint. However, you should test your ratio on a small surface before going crazy with the painting. Here are a few tips for successful mixture and application to make your own glitter paint:

1. Choose the Correct Glitter

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When mixing glitter into the paint, you should use glitter specifically made for painting application. Avoid craft glitter because it won’t mix evenly and will chip off the wall once it’s dried. Instead, choose paint glitter, which is manufactured to be mixed with paint. It’s less likely to settle and won’t flake off once the paint dries.

2. Mix Glitter and Paint in Small Batches

When you make a bigger mixture of glitter paint, it’ll take hours before you go through the whole batch. This is because the glitter will have settled at the bottom of the batch, making the application uneven. By focusing on smaller batches, you can adjust the ratio of paint and glitter until you are satisfied. Give it time to dry so you’ll be able to judge the appearance. Once you have your chosen ratio, stir up your paint and get started by pouring a small amount of paint into a container. Then add the appropriate ratio of glitter.

3. Use a Mixing Attachment on a Drill

An industrial paint mixer is the idea solution, but the next best thing is a mixing attachment on a drill. Your paint should be mixed thoroughly first, with glitter poured in small increments. Mix as you pour in the glitter. You’ll want to remix the glitter every few minutes to keep it from settling.

4. When Painting, Apply in Sections and Layers

Focus on painting in four-foot by four-foot areas. Use rolling in and cutting-in techniques to apply the paint evenly, using a wet edge to move back into when necessary. Avoid overlapping.

Apply a base coat and let it dry. Your base coat must be completely dry before you add another layer, which may take a few hours. Continue to mix your glitter paint so that it doesn’t settle. Make and apply more small batches as needed until you are satisfied with the result.

5. Apply a Faux Finishing Glaze to Make the Glitter Pop

Sometimes the glitter will not stand out as strongly as you imagined. Use a transparent glaze to allow the light in the room to enhance the sparkle of the glitter. If glitter paint is applied with a glaze, it proves easier to replace when you grow tired of the look.

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Bonus Cost-Effective Tip

Depending on the size of your home, the cost of this project can increase rapidly. However, you can reduce the cost of this project with a relatively unknown method. Your local home improvement store may have tax-free and discounted construction and building materials. Not every hardware store has this option, though, so make sure to call and ask about their options before making a special trip to the store.

Glitter Paint Is for Every Kid, Big or Small

This DIY look will add sparkle to your home, whether the glitter accent wall is for a kid’s room or for your own inner child. It’s a truly unique idea meant for a great room.

Continue the theme throughout the house by adding a border or small accents to any room, especially to formalize a dining room. Let your family and guests find the magic in your home. What room needs a little sparkle and bling?

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