DIY Braided Leather Headband: Make Your Own Leather Headband

I have such a fun DIY braided leather headband tutorial for you all today! Made with beautiful upholstery leather, this headband is stylish and extremely easy to make. It took me about 5 minutes to make, and I’m absolutely in love with it. And, my little model did a great job showing it off.

The upholstery leather fabric is from an excellent family-owned company, the Leather Hide Store, which sells wholesale upholstery leather hides and remnants to the public and leathercraft community.

DIY Braided Leather Headband

The Leather Hide Store generously sent me leather scraps in my color choices so that I could play around with them. I knew almost immediately that I wanted to make a headband, being that I already have a leather headband that I adore. So, I knew I could have a lot of fun with this project.

I chose the three leather colors for my headband: sea glasssmoked sage, and Colombian. As it turns out, I absolutely fell in love with this combination of colors: The rich tone of the Colombian combined with the subtlety of the sage really makes the gorgeous sea glass color pop.

For this project, first, I warmed up my hot glue gun. 

Then, I cut one thin strip of each color for the main braid. Don’t worry about the strips being perfectly straight or the same width–I found that having different widths and curvatures added a lot of depth to the headband.

Then I cut two more thin strips (from any color you choose). These strips won’t be seen but will be used to tie the headband in the back.

Now, take the three strips you cut for the headband and glue them together at one end using your hot glue gun. Braid the strips completely, and secure the braid at the end with hot glue. Now, attach your other two strips to both ends of the headband using hot glue.

Once completely dry, tie the headband around your head, and secure it with a bow in the back.

Ta-dah! An adorable headband made in just minutes. I can already think of so many outfits I’m going to wear this beauty with, and I can’t wait to play around with the leather some more to make more unique and stylish accessories.

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