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Let’s be honest for a second, shall we? We go on vacations and spend most of the time with our phones in our hands, waiting for the perfect selfies opportunity or trying to catch the perfect shot of our cocktail glass in the sand with the ocean in the background. 

We stuff our phones with vacation photos and then post the best ones on social media, delete the bad ones and keep the rest in our phones in case we want to go back and look at them later. We say we’re going to print them out and frame them, but then life. 

Here are a few creative ways to display your vacation photos for all to see, and they will allow your pictures to escape your phone’s photo album once and for all. So whether you spent a week of luxury in Miami gawking at some of the incredible Star Island Homes, went hiking in the mountains, or spent some time at sea on a cruise, your adventures are priceless and deserve more than an eternity in your iPhone’s photo gallery.

How to Display Travel Photos at Home


Wait, it’s more than just putting your picture in a frame and nailing it to an open space on your wall. Getting creative with the placement of frames is an easy and inexpensive way to display your photos while creating a bigger piece of wall art at the same time. For the type-A personalities, hanging all of your pictures in matching frames in a perfectly straight and formation can be pleasing to the eye and create a sleek and uniformed look up on the wall. 

For others, mixing and matching frame orientations, sizes, and colors can add artsy flair to the wall and bring the vacation’s adventure come alive. Using frames without borders or backgrounds can also add personality to the photo collection. Using one large frame and making a collage of pictures and mementos from the trip are other ways to get your pictures up on the wall in a fun and creative way. 

One cool way to document multiple vacations in one spot is by using a large map and cutting your photos into the shapes of the states or countries in which they were taken, and placing them on the map on their corresponding state/country.

Hang’ Em

Who says pictures have to sit still in a frame somewhere? Using an empty picture frame, a little twine, and some clothespins, you can hang your favorite vacation photos and create a photo collage of your favorite moments for all to see. 

Printing photos on luggage tags and pinning them to a world map or map of your destination is another fun way to display pictures while sticking with the travel theme. Next, create photo frames with recycled materials like wood and old maps and hang them from a rustic-colored curtain rod or pipe for a more industrial look. Finally, print your favorite photos out onto magnets and use them to on the fridge to hang grocery lists, kid’s art, or even ore travel photos.

Create A Travel Gallery

Creating a travel-inspired art gallery at home takes the traditional photo display up a notch by adding artwork and wall décor to tie the pictures in with another travel-themed décor. For example, surround a travel themed wall decal (a globe, map, airplane, compass, etc.) with photos from your trip, along with tasteful pieces that tie the whole trip together, such as street or mileage signs, framed maps, or travel-themed quotes (Not all who wander are lost, maybe?) 

Start with a big picture of your favorite shot in the middle, and build your gallery around it using different frames and art. You can stay consistent with the color (all color or all black and white) or mix it up a bit. Play around with how the gallery looks on the wall, and before you know it, you’ll have a travel-inspired gallery of your favorite vacation moments for everyone to see.

Let Your Pics Get Down

Who says pictures have to be up-mounted on the wall? Instead, take them down and make coasters or vases out of them so you can move them around the house when you’re in the mood for a change. Print photos out onto throw blankets or pillows for a functional and artistic touch to any room, use wax tape to transfer your vacation photos onto wood, or size them down into pendants and wear them close to your heart. 

For those who are techier, make 3D photo cubes and other shapes to display on your coffee table, or fill a glass vase with them for an excellent centerpiece idea. A painted mason jar can quickly become a charming picture frame or leave the mason jar (or any antique-looking glass bottle) as is and put the picture inside for a “treasure in a bottle” kind of feel.

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Step Outside The Box

If you’re looking for a creative and innovative way to display your photos, consider using an old door with glass panes to serve as a giant frame. A primary, vintage wood door works great, and you can even hang it horizontally and add hooks, so it doubles as a coat rack.

A chalkboard wall is another super artsy way to display photos and is perfect for families that travel often and take a lot of pictures. Using chalkboard paint, paint an ample space on the wall (big enough for all of your photos) and then draw your own frames with chalk. 

Use magnets or colorful tape to stick your photos “in” the frames, which will make it easy to swap out pictures when you’re ready for a change. Drawing your own frames really allows you to get your creative juices flowing and makes for a very personal and artistic space to hang your photos.

Your vacation photos are snapshots into memories you will keep for a lifetime, a precious blip in time that brought you happiness and adventure. You deserve to come out of your phone or computer and be on display for everyone to see. Using some of these creative travel display ideas may help you finally get all of your priceless photos up (or down) for you and your friends and family to enjoy.

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