Top 5 Best Ice Fishing Lures for Crappie 2021

Best Ice Lures

Crappie fishing is a hobby for many, and many have fun. Here you can fish in Relaxing if you have an idea about Crappie Lures. If you are on an Ice Fishing Trip, here are some tips to help you get the most out of the Best Ice Fishing Lures for Crappie.

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Bassdash Ice Fishing Lure 1-Bassdash-Ice-Fishing-Lure-Kit-Glowing-Paint-Jigs Overall Best Pick
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Rapala Ultra Light Rippin Rap 2-Rapala-Ultra-Light-Rippin Best Crappie Ice Fishing Lures View on amazon
Thkfish Fishing Spoons Lures 3-thkfish-Fishing-Lures-Trout-Lures-Fishing-Spoons Budgets Picks View on amazon

Are All Ice Fishing Lures The Same?

Many Beginner Fisher questions that All Crappie Lures are the Same or Not? In this case, it is better to say that each of the lures has a different shape, color, and size. Due to this, you need to use different methods in the field of fishing.

In this article, we have tried to share a complete Guideline about Best Ice Fishing Lures for Crappie, which will help you a lot to find your favorite and perfect crappie.

Best Ice Fishing Lures for Crappie

1. Bassdash Ice Fishing Lure – Overall Best Pick

Best Ice Fishing Lures for Crappie

The Bassdash Ice Fishing Lure is one of the best Lure kits. It is made with lead bodies because fast drop and ultra-sharp high carbon hook allow better understanding. This means you can catch fish for sure. It is perfect for fishers of all kinds of angels. So no matter what level of Fisher you are, it will easily suit you.

It also has jigs of different sizes so that you can easily catch any type of fish. And perfect for both fresh and saltwater. Bassdash’s Best Ice Fishing Lure brings an excellent experience for beginners and intermediate level fishers.

Due to its different sizes and colors, it is great for fishing in any field. It is made with high-quality carbon material, which makes it easy to handle in any stable condition. And a lot easier to use. If we look at the price, then we can see that the price is then we can see that it is the best Lures for ice fishing at this price. 

It’s Price Around 29.98. If we look at its features, then this price is right. And Best Lures for crappie. It has a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars on Amazon; it also has nearly 120+. People review it.

  • Compact and Portable.
  • Comes in multiple color combinations.
  • It is made of high-quality materials.
  • Budgets Friendly.
  • Has an overall generic feel.

2. Rapala Ultra Light Rippin Rap – Best Crappie Ice Fishing Lures

best crappie lures

This Lipless Lures design from The Rapala can be an excellent choice for any fisherman. Also, its Tall skinny body shape helps to attract fish easily. belly profile, in-depth allows it to swim down and do ripping. It looks realistic because of its excellent texture design with 3D eyes, which gives you a lot of conveniences to catch crappies.

It is specially designed to be perfect for fishing on rocky sides or grassy places. And even if the fishing ground is very noisy, it will be convenient to fish with it for its hard vibration action. You can also easily fish through it, and it is almost easy to use. It has many color options so you can choose according to the color of your choice.

It’s Price Around $5 to $ 13. It has the best crappie lures in terms of features and prices. It has a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon; it also has nearly 60+. People review it.

  • Lipless design.
  • Tall and skinny body shape.
  • It can make a hard vibrating action.
  • Not perfect for clean water.

3. Thkfish Fishing Spoons Lures – Budgets Picks

3 thkfish Fishing Lures Trout Lures Fishing Spoons

Thkfish Fishing Spoons Lures are designed in an attractive way like a fish’s body, which quickly attracts crappies. Underwater it is a lot of reflection, which is for plus point fisher during fishing. It attracts any fish underwater. It is very suitable for long-lasting shades.

It is perfect for those who love to fish fast and is very useful in fishing in noisy places. Its aerodynamic design is much more impressive coasting distance and lends spoons to a quicker retrieve, and made with High-Quality Material. And it’s a lot easier to use when fishing. So for beginners, it may be a perfect choice.

It’s Price Around $11 to $ 14. It is very budget-friendly in terms of price, and it is also the Best crappie jig color lures. It has a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars on Amazon and nearly 390+. People review it.

  • It creates noise under the water, which attracts the fish quickly.
  • Lightweight design so that it can be reeled faster.
  • The sharp hooks to hold on to crappies.
  • It’s not perfect for beginners.

4. Tailored Tackle – Best Ice Fishing Jigs Lures Kit.

4 Tailored Tackle Ice Fishing Jigs Lures Kit

The Tailored Tackle’s Ice Fishing Jigs Lures Kit Pack is our favorite Lures kit Pick. Here you will find many different size lures at once. This allows you to catch more crappie fish easily. 

Also, its unique anise scent easily attracts crappie; as a result, you can easily catch crappie. If you buy a pack of it, you can cover the whole session fishing. It also the Best Fishing Lures for Panfish or other small fish.

This is especially perfect for those who go on a fishing trip every week. You do not need any technical knowledge to use these lures. Even a child can use it easily. Its extraordinary scent is perfect for catching crappie, so there is no need to give so much Afford. As a result, a Beginner’s can go Fishing.

It’s Price Around $36. Although it is a little expensive price but for its great features, it will easily make your investment worth. In my opinion, this is the Best Crappie Lures. It has a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon; it also has nearly 45+. People review it.

  • It has many sizes.
  • You will get a Fishing Guide Book with it.
  • Super Bright Color to Attract Fish.
  • It does not have any sound imitating features.

5. Haggerty Lures – Best Glow Ice Jigs.

5 Glow Ice Jigs

Are you looking for Best Gifts for Fishing Lover? So you can see Haggerty Lures Glow Ice Jigs; on the one hand, its price is very low as well as very Attractive Gifts and will attract a lot of any Beginner fisher also attracts fish easily.

It glows a lot in the middle of the Dark, which attracts a lot of crappies. This is one of the best choices, especially in the field of Ice Fishing; you can use at any time of the day. Also, in this, you are getting 25 colors together in One Purchase so that you can use different colors one by one.

Due to its flexible features, you can be fishing from any angles. And you will not need any special knowledge while fishing with it. if you are a Beginner You can easily use it.

This is basically the best choice for those who are not looking to catch fish in bulk. And overall, it seemed like a great Lures to me.

If you go fishing at night or in muddy waters, then this is the Best Night Fishing Lures for Crappie and Panfish. It has a rating of 3.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon; also, it has nearly 20+. People review it.

  • It has a minnow profile to attract fish.
  • It is designed in such a way that it is very easy to handle.
  • It has single reversed hooks that help you catch more fish.
  • It may not be the best for professionals.

How do you target crappie ice fishing?

Best Ice Fishing Lures for Crappie Buying Guide.

Choosing the good lures for ice fishing, not rocket science. You can also easily purchase if you want. But there are some important things that you need to know. In the market now you will find many types of lures to buy. However, if you consider it in some areas, it suits you, and it will be much easier to find the best lures.

We tried to share some of the best tips and tricks, which will help you a lot in knowing the things to keep in mind before buying.


The first problem you will have to deal with when choosing Lures is with color because you will find Lures in many different colors. Here you need to know which color is perfect for which water.

Black and White Lures are perfect if you go fishing in clear water. And if the water is muddy, then try to choose Bright Color Lures.

Reflective Properties

If you go fishing on a sunny day, try to use metallic or any reflective type properties, which will reflect a lot of light, and attract your target no matter how far it is.

Hook Size

The bigger crappie means the more massive mouth. When it comes to catching crappies, number 2 size and number 4 sizes will work well. If you get a larger size like number 6, It chances crappies can surely avoid it.


Weather also plays a big part in the field of Great Fishing Experience, which plays a very effective role in your Success Rate. Therefore, all aspects should be considered in the field of Lures Choose. Hopefully, our Guideline will help a lot.

If you like the article share it with your Beginner’s or advance level fisher friend and stay with us.

Happy Fishing.

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